About Me

My professional interest and work with sculptures goes back to 1982 in Copenhagen, with a background in accounting. The curiosity for searching and understanding the expression of sculpturing pushed me forward and led me for the time being to an academic education in Fine Art. Today I live and have my own workshop in a former sawmill near by Odense on the island, Funen.
The stone became my choice of material as I am fascinated with the order and beauty of nature, much greater than me. Another reason for my choice was the fact that one of my great fascinations is the landscapes in southern Sweden.
There I spent a lot of time, when I lived in Copenhagen, walking around ex. in the woods, finding myself surrounded by stones and blocks shaped like creatures from a fairy-tale, just raised from the ground/soil. The whole scenery look like a play and the stage was set by the sun, rain etc.
For many years I was occupied mainly with making storytelling-stones, often with a smooth surface.
Later on I was inspired from old traditions of crafts, as functional parts in machinery. In my imagination and with the intention of creating motion it was translated into objects which I called semi-functional. I have seen the sculpture as a building or as an aspect of it around the year of 1994 and until to day. I am aware of the fact that these 3 themes more or less can appear in some of my later sculptures.

Association of Danish Visual-artists (BKF)

Study tours:
Sovietunion 1989
Italy 1990
U.K. 1991


Stone-symposium "Terra Incognita", Kiev, Ukraine 1994
Experimental sculpturesymposium "Mediterania-DK",
Hollufgaard, Odense 1997
"[duality]" an european dialog, K.E.R.N. (Germany) - FUNEN, Hollufgaard 1999
"tråd-line" Symposium, Hollufgaard, Odense 2004
"Galaxy lives" Symposium, Hollufgaard, Odense 2007

Exhibitions (selected):

Charlottenburg, Copenhagen, DK - 1989
Summerexhibition, Tistrup, DK - 1990
Sculpture in the city, Ribe, DK 1991
Gallery Kunstgården, Bogense, DK 1992
Nordic Sculpture, Odense, DK 1993
The Leitmotif, Slagelse, DK  1994
Terra Incognita, Kiev, Ukrania  1994
The City and the Sculpture, Randers, DK  1995
Sculpturebiennale, Roskilde, DK  1996
Rosenburg/Kings garden-outdoor, Copenhagen, DK 1996
Departm. of Interior Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel, Germany 1998
Duality , Rendsburg, Germany 1999
Gallery Antiquarium, Omaha, USA  1999
Death Souls, sole-exhibition, Odense, DK  2000
Sculptures in Lerchenburg, Kalundborg, DK  2002
Colours in the Park, Odense, DK  2003
The shadow of the Graph, Thisted, DK 2004
Dialogue Kings garden-outdoor, Copenhagen, DK  2004
Galleriazero summershow, Barcelona, Spain  2005
Rundetårn, Copenhagen, DK  2005
Renæssance and present time, Masnedø-fort, Vordingborg-DK - 2006
Kraftquelle-/ Mysterium der Stein, sole-exhibt., Mönchentor Gallery, Rostock-D, 2007
"Ølgod skulpturudstill", Danish Sculptorsociety, Ølgod DK 2007

"Skulpturbiennale", Kgs. Have, Copenhagen DK 2008           

"Marsvinsholms Skulpturpark", Sweden S 2008                   

"Hyldespjældet", Albertslund, Copenhagen DK 2008                     

Separate exhibition, gallery Sulegården, Assens DK 2009            

Separate exhibition, Krusmølle, Åbenrå DK 2010                                 

"Fyns Kunstmuseum", "Kulturnat", Odense DK 2010                        

Autumn exhibition "Den Ny", "Filosofgangen", Odense DK 2010           

Gallery "Kunstcentrum", Silkeborg DK fra 2011                            

"Miniature XVIII", gallery "Sulegården", Assens DK 2011               

"Artpark 2012", "Hollufgård", Odense DK 2012

"Artpark 2016", "Hollufgård", Odense, Denmark, 2016